We have developed courses based on this wide breath of experience designed to enhance private driver understanding in this area.

By harnessing proven practical learning techniques alongside theoretical elements, we deliver effective road safety interventions

All courses are delivered in two sections, a classroom theory module and a practical cycling module, where drivers experience a cyclist’s view of the road. The two modules are delivered on the same day and are of 1.5 hours duration. We run these courses across the UK. Please contact us to request a lesson.

Young and new driver awareness
-          Aimed at learner and inexperienced (under 5 years driving) drivers.
-          Highlights hazards facing this demographic with emphasis placed on Vulnerable Road Users protection.
-          Outlines practical techniques these drivers can adopt to maximise their own safety as well as VRU.
Experienced Driver training
-          Aimed at experienced drivers
-          Helping drivers understand the changing urban transport environment whilst equipping them with the practical technics for keeping safe within this
-          Focus on issues faced by both drivers and Vulnerable Road Users in this environment and encouraging behaviour change to deal with the growing issues commonly found with transport modal shift.
-          Introduction to active travel and associated health benefits
Corrective Driver training
-          working with authorities to engage with drivers which have acted contrary to driving regulations
-          aim to highlight the hazards drivers expose themselves and Vulnerable Road Users to
-          Equipping these drivers with the knowledge to drive in a more defensive and cautious manner
-          Can be used as an effective intervention instead of, or alongside other penalties.